Forgiveness in Addiction

Forgiveness in addiction can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome, both for the addict and those close to them.  As addicts we feel wronged by those close to us and the world at large.  There is always someone to blame and a reason to stay angry.  By holding onto these resentments we […]

The Importance of Accountability in Recovery

With the disease of addiction there comes manipulation and deceit, the importance of accountability in recovery cannot be understated. Our loved ones will make commitments and break them. Regardless of how the addiction looks; drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex, etc. our loved one lacks any ability to be impeccable with their word. As family […]

Drug Treatment Discharge Planning

Most people believe that all it takes is sending their loved one to a treatment center and that then they will be fixed. That the brief time they spent there will impact this vicious disease. Parts of that are true. Treatment helps begin the recovery process, and creates a firm foundation for the addict to […]

Recovery is More Than Just Staying Sober

Knowing nothing about this disease or about its solution, it’s hard to understand that recovery is more than just staying sober. When we look at our loved one and we just want them to stop drinking or to stop doing drugs. We believe that the drugs are causing all of the problems, which the simple […]

What do I do now?

I think my loved one might have an addiction problem. What do I do now? This is question that we all dread to ask ourselves.  Whether you think you may be addicted or are the loved one of a possibleaddict/alcoholic the answer can be terrifying.  There is a stigma attached to addiction.  We live in a society that […]

Accountability and Recovery

If I had a nickel for every addict I’ve heard say, “that doesn’t work for me,” I’d have a lot of nickels. What they really mean to say in most cases is, “I don’t like that, so I don’t do that, and I don’t stay sober, but it’s not my fault.” Addicts often have no […]

Dealing with an Addict in Your Home – The Illusion of Control

Codependency is a disease every bit as insidious and subtle as addiction.  In my work with families who have addicted loved ones I see varying levels of enabling within the family system.  But one things is constant, there is always enabling present when there is an active addiction within a family system. The family will […]