The Importance of Accountability in Recovery

Recovery Sign -  AccountabilityWith the disease of addiction there comes manipulation and deceit, the importance of accountability in recovery cannot be understated. Our loved ones will make commitments and break them. Regardless of how the addiction looks; drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex, etc. our loved one lacks any ability to be impeccable with their word. As family members we look at them completely baffled, and fear what might come about if we address any inconsistences. We wait for them to draw up their will power, for some form of a miracle to occur. We close our eyes and turn the other way.

The fact is that we are enabling their addiction. By ignoring their behavior, by turning the other cheek we are allowing the disease to continue on its destructive path. We send the message that their lies are ok, that breaking promises are alright, and that their actions will have no consequence. When we look at our side of the street we are not holding them responsible for their actions. The addict is completely oblivious to these actions, they are delusional. It’s as if when the addict looks in their mirror what they see is a distorted view of themselves. They can’t see the reality, they need help. So when we ignore what’s going on and we don’t tell them the truth, we are allowing them to live in this delusion. We are not holding up the mirror which will allow them to see the truth.

Accountability is vital to addicts. Whatever the addiction one thing is the same, addicts are delusional. They need accountability. Not only while they are in the midst of their addiction, but once they have sought help. It helps them learn how to take responsibility for their actions, and how to become disciplined. Whenever their distorted thinking crops up it offers them a chance to see the truth and constructively address issues. No matter where they are in their addiction or recovery, accountability is a help line.

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