Detaching Is Not Abandoning

A big recommendation when trying to help families with an addicted loved one is to detach with love. The misconception with this is that detaching is to completely abandon your loved one. Detaching is not abandoning. I recommend detaching because being so hyper focused on the problem and how you can fix it only makes […]


When facing an addicted individual, what’s normally seen is anger, frustration, and the inability to place anything above the substances that are being used.  It is difficult to see past the harm that has caused a severance in the relationship. One sees the actions of the individual, and fears any repercussions that might come if […]

How to Support Someone in Drug Rehab

A lot of times getting your loved one to treatment is only half of the battle. Typically there are a lot of questions that one might face once they get to this place: Is treatment going to work? How can I support them best? What should I say when I write them? What do I […]

Focus on the Solution Rather than the Problem

Addiction is a family disease. Wherever there is addiction there is enabling. Addiction is like fire, and enabling is the oxygen that addiction needs to continue to burn. Not only is the addict suffering, but the family suffers as well. It is so easy to stay focused on the problem, and as an addict I […]

What is the REAL problem in addiction?

Addiction and alcoholism have such a stigma attached to them. The belief is that the addict should be able to stop if they really wanted to, and that since they aren’t that person is weak-minded, less-than, or just a mental defect. We can look at our cities and see the struggling souls that live under […]

The Importance of Accountability in Recovery

With the disease of addiction there comes manipulation and deceit, the importance of accountability in recovery cannot be understated. Our loved ones will make commitments and break them. Regardless of how the addiction looks; drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex, etc. our loved one lacks any ability to be impeccable with their word. As family […]

Drug Treatment Discharge Planning

Most people believe that all it takes is sending their loved one to a treatment center and that then they will be fixed. That the brief time they spent there will impact this vicious disease. Parts of that are true. Treatment helps begin the recovery process, and creates a firm foundation for the addict to […]