Recovery is More Than Just Staying Sober

Knowing nothing about this disease or about its solution, it’s hard to understand that recovery is more than just staying sober. When we look at our loved one and we just want them to stop drinking or to stop doing drugs. We believe that the drugs are causing all of the problems, which the simple […]

Addiction as a Disease Illustrated

Chemical Dependency, whether on alcohol or drugs, is a disease. It affects and stems from the mind, body and spirit. For many years people believed that it was just a moral defect, and did not see addiction as a disease. Recent studies show that it is not only a disease, but that genetics play a […]

How to Help an Addict

Many times when we have an addicted loved one and all that we know how to do, rescue, is truly hurting them; the real question is how to help an addict? Enabling is hurting and not helping. There are many support groups which offer a fellowship of individuals which have been through what you may […]

Definition of Enabling for the Brave of Heart

Typically, the definition of enabling means “to supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity; to make able.” With the disease of addiction this is also true. For when we as loved ones help ease the pain of addiction, and supply means for the addict to not suffer consequences we are truly enabling the disease. We […]