Addiction Boundary Hold: The Hardest Thing a Family Will Ever Do

My business takes me to all sorts of exciting places to see and experience all sorts of things. But few things give me more joy than to watch a family successfully maintain a boundary hold with a loved one. I put it right up there with watching the recovery “light come on.”An addiction boundary hold […]

Anger Disguised as Boundaries

In my years working at treatment centers, I’ve watched a lot of clients come and go. One thing you always determine when a new client lands in your treatment center is the strength of the family supporting him or her. Quite often you would hear from another team member, “the family is strong, they want […]

Accountability and Recovery

If I had a nickel for every addict I’ve heard say, “that doesn’t work for me,” I’d have a lot of nickels. What they really mean to say in most cases is, “I don’t like that, so I don’t do that, and I don’t stay sober, but it’s not my fault.” Addicts often have no […]